Septic Tanks Dealers Suppliers In All Over Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

Product performance and characteristics :

1. The product of high quality glass fiber composite materials, is acid, alkali resistance, tensile, compression, impact resistance, strength     advantages, life can be synchronized with the construction.

2. Sealing, and do not penetrate, the traditional septic tank thoroughly to prevent groundwater pollution caused by the leakage.While     improving the swampy ground subsidence damage to the building, with good environmental benefits.

3. The device uses a unique design and high efficiency packed biofilm, removal efficiency, small footprint, covering site selection and     flexible, especially suitable for transformation of the old city sewer system construction zone set up septic tank.

4. The product light weight, easy to transport.Overall product shape, no assembly, installation and quick.

5. Products with high compressive strength can be installed in the green lawn, can also be installed under the roads.